Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Natural World Goes On: The Bullock's Orioles Arrive!

These are interesting weeks in the bird world. As spring ramps up many of our winter "snowbirds" have left, on their way to Arctic regions to breed for the summer. It would feel like a real loss, but at the same time we are starting to see the arrival of some colorful migrants out of the tropics. I saw the first Western Kingbirds earlier this week, and yesterday I had a pleasant surprise of coming upon a Bullock's Oriole (Icterus bullockii) feeding in the wild tobacco plants by the Tuolumne River. They're among my favorites (although I'm really partial to blue; I am really hoping to run across a Blue Grosbeak or Lazuli Bunting soon).

Shades of yellow and orange are breaking out all over. Golden Poppies are blooming right now along the river.

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