Friday, January 31, 2020

The "Common" Yellowthroat: Not so common for me...

Here's one of the prettiest birds one can see in our region, a Common Yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas). But just how common is it? If my experience is any guide, it is exceedingly rare, as I have seen it just once previously. I've been looking for them ever since with no success, although it is telling that I have stood next to people who could see them, and I couldn't
Mrs. Geotripper and I were out at the Merced National Wildlife Refuge today, the site where I saw it  one previous time way back in 2015. I would love to tell you that I discovered it all by myself in the manner of a talented birder, but actually I saw a pair of birders concentrating on a bush, and asked them what they were looking at.
Luckily the bird was patrolling the same section of bush in a repeating manner, so after a few moments the bird appeared, and then hopped into the grass for a few moments. My heart was melting; I love these birds, even if they are "common".
Later on as we traveled the auto loop, Mrs. Geotripper saw several more, but...I didn't! It's par for the course, but I was elated to finally have some half-decent pictures of these wonderfully colorful birds.

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