Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rock Wren at Turlock Lake State Recreational Area

It's the same place and maybe the same kind of bird, and it seems like Turlock Lake State Recreational Area is the place for me to see wrens. I'm relatively sure this is a Rock Wren (Salpinctes obsoletus), since the head is not as flattened as a Canyon Wren, but as always, I appreciate corrections.
It's too bad that it costs $11 to visit Turlock Lake. I suppose the entrance fee is high because of the boat traffic during the right season, but the lake is so low this year that boating isn't really feasible. On the other hand, we almost never see anybody else at the park. We went down to the campground in the park a little later, and the host seemed grateful for a bit of company. She made me feel like a bit of an expert (ha-ha) since I knew a fair number of the birds that she asked about.
It was sweet of the wren to hold still for awhile for pictures. I still note the lack of rocks for the wren to live in, but the notes suggest they use buildings sometimes as well. I'll be listening for the song as well the next time I can afford to visit!

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