Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Greater White-fronted Geese the Next to Arrive at the San Joaquin National Wildlife Refuge

The next members of the goose parade have arrived at the San Joaquin National Wildlife Refuge. I have no idea if they were here last week or not, but I'm only out there for an hour once a week, and can only report on what I see. There were thousands of Cackling Geese in the cornfields, and hundreds of Sandhill Cranes last week, but I didn't notice any Greater White-fronted Geese (Anser albifrons). This week I could tell the flock of Cackling Geese had grown considerably (look for a video soon), and the cranes were investigating a plowed field across Beckwith Road towards the Stanislaus River at Caswell. I finished my observations and took off for school. There is a pond close to the highway about half a mile west of the viewing platform, and the previous week it had been occupied by Cackling Geese. I slowed for a look and realized that many of the birds didn't have the white necks, so I stopped for pictures.
We are still awaiting the arrival of the Snow Geese and the Ross's Geese, and maybe some swans. I'll keep you posted!

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